Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Save Professional Tennis Doubles

I am an avid tennis player. Particularly, I enjoy playing doubles. I also enjoy watching doubles. Have you ever seen a professionals tennis doubles match? If you haven't, I encourage you to go see one the next time a professional tennis tournament is played anywhere near your hometown. Why? Because doubles requires both physical skill and ability as well as touch and finesse. It is much more exciting to watch a good doubles match than any singles match.

Why doesn't the casual tennis fan know this? Because doubles is rarely, if ever, shown on television. Now, the ATP Tour, which is the governing body of professional tennis, is trying to change the doubles game so dramatically, that it may eradicate it from the professional scene completely. This would be a huge mistake. One of my friends, Travis Parrott, is a professional doubles player. He is an awesome doubles specialist, and tennis is his life. It is also how he makes his living. He goes from city to city playing in tournaments trying to make enough money to pay his sponsors and hopefully make enough money to let him continue playing for a few more years.

What the public doesn't see is all the good that doubles specialists do off-tour. At almost every tour stop, it is the doubles specialists who are playing in charity events and pro-ams. They are the ones who are meeting with under-priviledged children and helping out in the local communities.

Now, it is our time to help save them. Go to http://www.savedoubles.com/ and read about their cause. Help save the world of professional tennis doubles.

Thanks and have a great day!

J. Anthony.


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