Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rescued Dog Rescues Another Dog

This is a pretty cool story. Back in March, a black lab was stranded on a mountain pass, and at first, he wouldn't allow anyone to put a leash on him to bring him down. Finally, a Humane Society animal officer and others were able to coax him down the mountain. They named him Blewett, which was the name of the mountain pass where he'd been stranded. He quickly found a new home and it didn't take long before he went from the victim to the hero.

Blewett and his new family were taking a walk on some trails when he started barking at something down below on the ground. The family realized it was another black lab, and they went to get help. Blewett ran straight down the slope and cuddled up next to the other dog and kept it warm until help arrived. Pretty cool story, huh? Dogs... You've gotta love 'em.

Make it a great day!

The full story about Blewett can be found on this page on


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