Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thoughts About Positive Management Styles

I am about to leave a company where I have worked for almost two years. There have been many ups and downs over the past couple of years. I really enjoy working with many of my co-workers, but a new opportunity came my way that I had to take.

But, I want to touch on a few things that I have noticed over the past few years that have really bothered me. Because the focus of my blog is to put a positive spin on life, I want to point out a few things that everyone should heed in business because without knowing it, you might create a very negative atmosphere.

Don't ever start off a conversation with an employee or employees by stating how hard and how much YOU worked over the last week or weekend. Example: An employee comes up to you and says, "How was your weekend?" And, your response is, "Oh, well, since I spent over 13 hours here in the office over the weekend, I really didn't get a chance to do much."

Why say this? Some people think that by saying this, they are somehow motivating the person to want to work that hard as well. Nothing can be farther from the truth. It has the opposite effect. You are creating a sense of resentment. If you are working over the weekend or working longer hours than anyone else, don't brag about it. Do it because you want to or need to. If you do it for the right reasons, you'll get recognized in the long run. But, slamming it in someone's face, especially your employees, is a really bad move.

Along the same token, avoid starting off meetings or conversations by saying, "Well, I have been working over 65 hours a week for over two months now..." Why say this? All you are doing is trying to make others feel bad because they haven't worked as much as you. It doesn't motivate. It creates resentment.

Okay. I didn't want to create a negative post, but I wholeheartedly believe that if you will avoid statements like the above, you will create a much more positive atmosphere and your employees will enjoy working with you and for you much more.

Final thought: Before you speak, think about WHY you are saying it. Are you saying it to motivate? Or, are you saying it to make someone feel bad and to make you look good? If it's the latter, then it's best to not say anything at all.

Have a great day!

J. Anthony


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