Saturday, January 21, 2006

3 Ways You Can Live Like Oprah Today

While browsing the web today, I came across an article that I think you'll enjoy. It's written by a leadership coach named Inez Ng. In the article, she explains how anyone can live a life like Oprah's. This doesn't mean we will all be as rich as Oprah, but we can learn to live a happier and more fulfilled life by following the three simple ways described in this article.

Here are the three steps Inez mentions:
  1. Live a life of gratitude - Living a life of gratitude doesn't mean throwing lavish parties, although that sounds like a mighty fine idea if you can pull it off. It means showing appreciation for what we have, whether it is a huge fortune, or a small windfall. It means saying thank you to others for what they have done for us, no matter how significant or trivial. It means thinking of others and being outward focused instead of thinking about “me, me, me” all the time.
  2. Live a life of generosity - Oprah generously shares her struggles and experiences, and in doing so, she gives others hope that they too can overcome whatever obstacles are in their way. She generously shares her own life lessons, and in doing so, she teaches us wisdom. She generously offers her affection. She appears to genuinely like her audience, her guests, and her staff. In relating to her, she made us more open to love and trust. What would happen with your relationships if you were more open and affectionate? How will people respond if you accepted them without judgment?
  3. Live a life of evolution and growth - Life offers us lessons everyday and the only tuition we pay is our willingness to accept them. There is no better example of this in practice than Oprah'’s "“What I Know for Sure"” articles that she writes. She takes everyday experiences and translates them into a lesson for how she wants to approach life. I don'’t know if you have an opinion, but her life seems to be working pretty darn well to me.
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