Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Partnership Rebuilds Paralyzed Veteran's House

From -- "A veteran's home is getting a much needed makeover, thanks to a partnership between the Armed Forces Foundation and the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs.

Since his last mission, during Operation Just Cause in Panama, the tiny hallways and rooms in Tom Caldwell's North Carolina house have made simple tasks, like going to the bathroom, a multiperson affair.

Caldwell, a Special Forces veteran, lost the use of his legs in combat 17 years ago. This summer, he will have a house that allows him his independence, thanks to a partnership between the Armed Forces Foundation, a nonprofit organization based here, and North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs.

Caldwell became a paraplegic in December 1989 from injuries suffered during a helicopter crash while helping to rescue Kurt Muse, an American who had been imprisoned for making radio broadcasts critical of Manuel Noriega's government. Noriega had promised to kill Muse if Americans invaded Panama."

To continue reading about this wonderful story and find out what they plan to do to Caldwell's house, go to And, whatever you do, don't ever forget our veterans. They fought, some died and others were paralyzed so you and I can read about them while sitting in our homes within this wonderful FREE country!

Make it a great day!


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