Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Never Quit - Quote from Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant had a lot of different quotes, but I want to talk about one that I featured on Memorable Quote of the Day today. The quote is:

"Never quit. It is the easiest cop-out in the world. Set a goal and don't quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don't quit until you reach it. Never quit."

We have all heard the saying never quit, or don't give up. But, no matter how hard we try, many of us give up or stop trying once we realize we are not going to hit a certain goal. But, do you think Bear Bryant accomplished every goal he set for himself? The answer is no. However, it was his mindset and determination that set him apart from everyone else. He wasn't going to stop until he had accomplished a certain goal. This is the mindset we all need to have to successfully hit goals time after time.

You have to believe without a shadow of a doubt that you will hit your goal, and you will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. If you will start living this way, you will hit your goals and you will be successful. It all starts with making a choice to hit your goals no matter what. If you can't do this, then you should re-consider your goals because if you aren't willing to do whatever it takes to hit them, then they aren't the right goals for you anyway.

Until tomorrow, never quit and make it a great day!

J. Anthony


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