Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rescued Australian Miners in 'Good Health'

Fresh off the heels of the horrible mining accident in West Virginia back in January, this story from Australia has a somewhat better ending. From the BBC News -- "Two rescued Australian miners are in good health and "excellent spirits", despite spending two weeks trapped deep underground, doctors have said."

"Brant Webb, 37, and Todd Russell, 34, were discharged from a hospital in Tasmania just hours after tests.

At least one later attended the funeral of Larry Knight, a third miner who died in the initial accident on 25 April, caused when a tremor dislodged rocks.

PM John Howard hailed rescue efforts as a triumph of "Australian mateship".

Mr Webb and Mr Russell were trapped in a tiny cage when the tremor struck. Rescuers took a week to bring them out, drilling through hard rock, often by hand.

Residents of the town of Beaconsfield gathered at the gates of the mine as news of the rescue began to emerge.

The mine's siren sounded and the town's church bell pealed in celebration. Mr Webb and Mr Russell, wearing mining helmets and yellow jackets, punched the air in jubilation as they emerged from the mine to the cheering crowds."

To continue reading this story, please go to this page on the BBC News website.

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