Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spend Some Quality Time With Your Children

For some of you who know me, a headline that says "Spend Some Quality Time With Your Children" is quite strange since you know I don't have any children. However, those same people also know that my wife and I have a yellow lab named Biscuit who is six years old and might as well be our child.

Frances, my wife, is out of town this weekend, so I have been hanging out with Biscuit for the weekend. I realized something Saturday afternoon. I played golf Saturday and didn't get home until about 4pm. I left about 10:15am. When I got home, Biscuit was ready to do something. She was as happy as she could be that I was home, and she wanted my attention. I spent the next couple of hours tossing a tennis ball to her and just hanging out with her. If you have a dog, you'll understand how peaceful and fulfilling this time is.

It made me realize something. What if I had a child. I read all the time about neglected children. Since I am a man, I am going to speak directly to the fathers reading this blog. Don't neglect your children. It doesn't take much to show your child how much you love them. I remember when I was a child, my dad and I would go outside and play catch with either the football or baseball. It didn't matter to me if we only did it for 15 minutes. It was the best 15 minutes of the entire day.

Make it a mission to spend some quality time with your child. If you don't have children, but have a dog like me, make it a mission to spend some quality time with them everyday. I promise you, no matter how bad your day was, spending time with them will turn the worst day into the best day in a matter of minutes.

Good luck and make it a great day!

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