Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kindergartners - Talk Like "Big People"

Normally, I don't advocate profanity, but this is a really cute little joke. I hope you had a great 4th of July. I have been out of town for a while and wasn't able to update the site. I apologize. Look for regular updates this week. And now, enjoy this little story:

A group of kindergartners were trying very hard to become accustomed to the first grade. The biggest hurdle they faced was that the teacher insisted on NO baby talk! "You need to use 'Big People' words," She was always reminding them.

She asked Chris what he had done over the weekend. "I went to visit my Nana." "No, you went to visit y our GRANDMOTHER. Use Big People' words!"

She then asked Mitchell what he had done. "I took a ride on a choo choo." She said, "No, you took a ride on a TRAIN. You must remember to use "Big People' words."

She then asked little Alec what he had done. "I read a book," he replied. "That's WONDERFUL!" the teacher said. "What book did you read?"

Alec thought real hard about it, then puffed out his chest with Great pride, and said, "Winnie the SHIT."

Good luck and make it a great day!

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