Saturday, December 23, 2006

AP Poll Shows Santa Is Enduring

Santa lives on....

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"Santa has lots going against him _ school-yard rumors, older brothers who think they know the deal and tattle to the young ones, errant price tags, the tell-all Internet and so many Made in China labels it seems the North Pole has outsourced to Asia.

Humbuggers everywhere. But no worries. It's a wonderful life for Santa.

An AP-AOL News poll finds him to be an enduring giant in the lives of Americans.

Fully 86 percent in the poll believed in Santa as a child. And despite the multiethnic nature of the country, more than 60 percent of those with children at home consider Santa important in their holiday celebrations now.

That's an approval rating President Bush and most in Congress could only dream about these days. (If Santa were a politician, Catholics and the nonreligious would be his base.)"

To read the complete article and some other interesting findings from the poll, go to this page on

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