Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Website Promotes Direct Giving Over Charity Groups

Have you ever wondered if the money you donate to your favorite charity actually goes towards the people who need the money, or just to the charity's overhead? Don't get me wrong, charities are great and do an enormous amount of good work, but it would be nice if we knew that every dollar we donate actually goes to the people in need.

Well, one entrepreneur felt this same way. His name is Alexander Blass, and he has started a new website called, RealityCharity.com. In his own words, here is how Alexander describes the site:

"RealityCharity™ is the gratifying, new way to give™. RealityCharity™ is the world's first person-to-person giving website and social philanthropy community. We are creating a permanent paradigm shift in the world of philanthropy, fundraising and charitable giving. RealityCharity™ cuts out the middle-man between donor and recipient, allowing you to instantly change a life by making a direct and immediate donation to a specific person, family, cause, or organization of your choosing, who needs your help. We do not charge a processing fee or hold on to the funds. All the money goes directly to the recipient, immediately, less the minimal electronic banking fees we are charged to process the transaction, calculated to the penny.

People who need to raise money for virtually any reason -- in nearly 50 countries -- may create and post their very own personalized listing within minutes detailing their story and financial requirements, including photos and supporting evidence of their need. We employ rigid and sophisticated online identity verification techniques similar to those implemented by top financial institutions, and other top-tier web sites for which security is a priority, so donors can feel good about doing good.

After creating a donation page, Fundraisers may immediately direct their social network to their new donation page. Their friends and family can provide the initial beachhead of financial support, leave public messages of encouragement on the Donor Wall for others to see, and then forward the link on to their social network as well, and so forth, creating a viral giving effect. Generous people around the world looking to instantly change someone's life may search or browse the listings by numerous criteria, to find specific stories of real people and causes that resonate with them. Donors may then make an instant, secure, online cash donation directly to that individual using all major credit cards or directly from a bank account if they have a PayPal® account. The donations are electronically disbursed instantly and directly to the person or cause in need via our partner Paypal®, and RealityCharity does not charge any fee to the Fundraiser or the Donor.

At RealityCharity, we are passionate about providing a fun, easy, and direct way for people to help each other. Think of us as the "eBay of philanthropy."

Personally, I was wondering about fraud on the site. It seems that they have a system of verifying the identity of individuals who are requesting money, so you can feel comfortable that the person you are giving to is actually a real person. I'm sure a lot of people will try to buck the system, but at the same time, the site probably will help a lot of people who are truly in need. Besides, you can give as much or as little as $10. Give the site a visit and check it out for yourself.

Good luck and make it a great day!


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