Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Do You Find Time To Blog?

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked this question by both friends and business associates alike. My simple answer is always something like, "Oh, it's easy since I really enjoy it."

But, the reality is we all really enjoy a lot of things, but we don't always get around to DOING those things. So, I thought about the question and thought I would offer up two main reasons for either "current" or "future" bloggers on how I manage to find time to blog.

The first reason is very simple and truly is the reason I blog. I really love blogging. Ever since I started this blog back in late 2005, I really enjoy finding new articles and writing stories that I hope you will enjoy. It's cliche, but if you love what you do, you'll make the time to do it.

The second reason how I find time to blog is a technical reason that far too many bloggers don't take advantage of. If you're using or as your blogging platform, you need to use the scheduled posting option. I'm sure most of the other blogging platforms out there have a similar feature, but since I'm only familiar with these two, I can only speak for them.

I thought this was a feature that every blogger used. Well, I thought wrong. Recently, I was chatting with a business acquaintance who also blogs. In the process of the conversation, he mentioned how he loved blogging, but it was so hard to find the time every day to enter a post. I asked him why he doesn't use the scheduled post option, and he had the deer-in-the-headlight look. That's when the light bulb went off for me. I thought, "maybe a lot of bloggers don't know about this, or even though they know, they don't use it."

I am here to tell you right now, if you blog, you need to start using the scheduled posts option. If you're not familiar with it, it's actually very simple. After you have written a post, click on the post options link and choose the date and time for your post to be posted. On that particular date and time, the post will be published.

And, here's my personal routine for posting to my blogs. I pick out one day, usually for me it's Sunday afternoon, where I am going to spend a couple of hours doing nothing but adding posts. I try and go ahead and add posts for each day of the following week. That way, if something comes up during the week that I want to write about immediately, I can, but I don't have to worry about not having a post published for that day. And, frequent posting is the #1 way to increase traffic to your blog because a stale blog creates stale results in the search engines.

If you have other ways you find time to blog, please let us know about it by using the comments form below. As I said, a lot of you are probably already using the scheduled posts option, but if you're not, I recommend you take a look at it tonight. It will definitely help free up more of your time during the week.

Until later, make it a great day!

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