Friday, August 29, 2008

A Video Look At Sarah Palin - John McCain's New Running Mate

Sarah Palin.... John McCain dropped a bombshell today when he announced his running mate as Alaska's first female governor, Sarah Palin. Before today, I knew absolutely nothing about her. But, after watching her speech today in Dayton, OH where McCain introduced her to the world, I was impressed. Her speech seemed sincere, and I appreciated the fact she didn't take the opportunity to bash Obama and Biden, but rather talked about what she wants to help McCain do for the country.

After her speech, I started doing some searching online to find out more about her. (Wikipedia has a great bio of Palin) She finished second in the Miss Alaska pageant. She's a mother of five children and the wife of a union worker. Her youngest son was born just a few months ago, and he has Down's Syndrome. Her oldest son is in the U.S. Army and will be shipping off to Iraq in September. I'll feature a much more detailed look at Governor Palin in the coming days, but here are a few videos that give you a look at who she is and what she stands for. Until later, make it a great day!

Sarah Palin on with Glenn Beck

Sarah Palin For Vice President Video From A Few Months Ago

On a side note, there's a great "conversation" going on over at Joel Comm's blog at regarding this decision. As you know from my post from a couple of days ago, I'm a big fan of Joel's marketing expertise, but I am now even more a fan of the man himself after reading this post.

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