Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Photo Of Abraham Lincoln May Have Been Uncovered

The great-great-grandson of Ulysses S. Grant, Ulysses S. Grant VI may possess the last photograph taken of President Lincoln before he was assassinated. According to this article on Yahoo.com:

A collector believes a photograph from a private album of Civil War Gen. Ulysses S. Grant shows President Abraham Lincoln in front of the White House and could be the last image taken of him before he was assassinated in 1865.

If it is indeed Lincoln, it would be the only known photo of the 16th president in front of the executive mansion and a rare find, as only about 130 photos of him are known to exist. A copy of the image was provided to The Associated Press.

Grant's 38-year-old great-great-grandson, Ulysses S. Grant VI, had seen the picture before, but didn't examine it closely until late January. A tall figure in the distance caught his eye, although the man's facial features are obscured.

He called Keya Morgan, a New York-based photography collector and Lincoln aficionado, who helped identify it as Lincoln.

Go here to continue reading this story on Yahoo.com.

Go here to view a small image of the photo.


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