Monday, December 19, 2005

Beliefnet's Person of the Year

Beliefnet's Most Inspiring Person of the Year is Victoria Ruvolo. If you haven't read or heard her story, you need to check it out today. Victoria's story is so random and unbelievable. Some teenagers had stolen a credit card and went on a spending spree. One of the things they bought was a frozen turkey. They thought it would be funny to throw it into on-coming traffic. Unfortunately, the car it hit was Victoria's. The turkey smashed through her windshield and crashed directly into her face.

She was nearly killed. But, rather than becoming angry at the teenagers, she showed compassion and restraint. It is truly an inspiring story to see her reaction. We can all learn a lot about courage under adversity from this inspiring woman.

Make it a great day!

J. Anthony


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