Monday, January 09, 2006

Ethiopian Idols Offers Hope Amid Poverty

From -- In America, we have Simon Cowell... In Ethiopia, they have Feleke Hailu. He may not be as bad as Simon of American Idol fame, but he does offer a refreshing and entertaining perspective on Ethiopia's most popular television show, "Ethiopian Idols".

"While 'Ethiopian Idols' cannot promise the riches or fame enjoyed by American and British winners, it does offer hope in an impoverished country where most of the 77 million people cannot afford a TV set. Yellowed satin sheets and signs taped to the walls provide the backdrop for a set hastily constructed each week in a shabby hotel restaurant while waiters peer in. Performers have to contend with frequent power cuts, feedback from poor sound equipment and ringing cell phones."

It's nice to see that even in a country as poor as Ethiopia, they still have outlets like this show to help them escape the brutality of everyday life.

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