Sunday, January 08, 2006

Need Inspiration? Read About Team Hoyt

I was watching TV today, and there was a promotional advertisement for Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports on HBO. Some of the stories he mentioned sounded interesting, so I went to to check out what they were working on. One story caught my eye and after reading it, I think it is a perfect story to share with you.

They did a segment on a father-son marathon team called Team Hoyt. Team Hoyt consists of Rick and Dick Hoyt. Dick is the father and Rick is the son. They just completed their 24th Boston Marathon this year. Why is this so special? Because Rick can't walk or talk. During marathons, Dick pushes Rick in a special wheelchair. It's even more amazing because they usually finish in the top quarter of participants. Dick has even had a heart attack, but because of the tremendous physical shape he is in, they competed in a triathlon just weeks after having three stints put into Dick's heart.

They have also been competing in triathlons for years. During these stressful events, Dick pushes Rick in the wheelchair for the running portion, he pulls him in a special boat that is tied to his waist for the swimming portion, and during the biking stage, Rick sits on the front of the bike. Amazing to say the least!

Their story is truly amazing and shows that anything is possible once you put your heart and soul into it. To read about Team Hoyt, go to

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