Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rufus the Bull Terrier Wins Best in Show

Talk about a face only a mother can love.... Check out Rufus the Bull Terrier! He won best of show at the Westminster Dog Show last night. Rufus' biggest selling point was his head was perfectly shaped like an egg. Apparently, that is good for bull terriers. As the article from says, "Rufus' selling point? His head perfectly shaped like an egg.

"The classic profile of a colored bull terrier," judge James Reynolds said.

Rufus was the first dog in his breed to win at the nation's most prestigious show. Handler Kathy Kirk said she was "ready to pass out" from the pressure, but her nearly 6-year-old dog that she playfully calls "Puppyhead" seemed to take it all in stride.

He stacked in style holding his pose for the judge and wagged his tail when he won. Later, he'll surely "hucklebuck" that's how Kirk describes how he jumps up and bangs his behind into a door." To continue reading about Rufus, go to

Congratulations Rufus! I am sure you are having a great day today!


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