Sunday, March 19, 2006

Enjoy Where You Are... It's Better Than Where You Could Be

This past Friday while working at an event, one of the volunteers who was helping me at the event mentioned how I seemed to have more passion and enjoyed what I was doing more than some of the other people she had worked with at similar events in the past. This made me feel really good, but it also made me realize how important it is to enjoy what you are doing at any given time.

I really like what I am doing now. I have not been able to say that for many years now. In the past, all I was looking for was the next big thing that would pay me big bucks. I wasn't really considering if I would really enjoy the job, I was mostly focused on the money. I can tell you from experience, that is not the best way to go about finding a new job.

To find the perfect job, you need to search for something that you are passionate about and will enjoy doing on a regular basis. The money will come, but even if you never make a million dollars, you'll be happier doing something you love for good money than doing something you hate for big bucks.

Don't get me wrong, if the right opportunity comes along and they are offering you a lot of money, you should definitely go for it. Just do it for the right reasons. Choose to have fun at whatever it is you do. It's all in your attitude. Your passion will be contagious and will influence others. When everyone is enjoying what they are doing, companies prosper. And, when companies prosper, employees prosper. It all starts with each individual enjoying their particular job.

Until tomorrow, enjoy what you do. Believe me, it could always be much worse.

Good luck and make it a great day!


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