Monday, November 20, 2006

Iraqi Army Delivers School Supplies to Children

Are you ready for some good news from Iraq? Here's a good story courtesy of - "Children at Black Jewel (Zomorrud) School received a pleasant surprise from unexpected guests who delivered boxes of gifts Oct. 31.

Members of the 4th Iraqi Army (IA) joined by coalition forces brought pens, paper, pencils, candy and toys for children in the local community.

The primary focus of the IA is to conduct security operations in surrounding communities and combat deadly insurgency attacks. However, as the IA continues to expand in strength and numbers, it hopes to develop a more interconnected closeness with members of the local district.

"There have been those who at one time have gone into communities and filled people with terror. Part of the IA position is doing things that previous leadership has not done. We went to the school to let them know we are here to help and give supplies to the children. When we visit peoples' homes and schools to assist them, they begin to better understand our purpose and why we are here," said Iraqi Army Col. Arsalan, 4th Iraqi Army Division, G5.

The materials delivered were donated by members of Task Force Diamondhead, 25th Infantry Division Combat Aviation Brigade. Teachers brought children one class at a time to individually receive goodies. Although the surprise visit interrupted their classes, children relished the break as they anxiously waited in line for their turn to receive pens, paper and handfuls of candy that helped sweeten the deal.

Coalition forces were involved in the assignment however, they were only present as a support element for the IA's mission. The entire operation was planned, coordinated and executed by the 4th Iraqi Army.

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