Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lauren's Travels Begin

Good morning everyone,

As I mentioned a few weeks back, a friend of mine named Lauren is joining the Peach Corps, and she is going to be sharing her experiences with us periodically throughout the year. She is about to begin her amazing journey, and this is her first entry.

The pictures below are from her time she spent in Ghana. I hope reading about Lauren and what she's doing in her life will help inspire us all to be better human beings. For those of us who live in the United States, we take so many things for granted. Hopefully, reading her updates will remind us all of how fortunate we are, but also inspire us to make a difference in the world rather than just living in it. If you would like to wish Lauren a safe journey, you can post a comment on the site by using this form. Good luck today and make it a great one!

Disclaimer -- "The following article does not reflect the opinions of the Peace Corps or the US government"

"For as long as I can remember I have longed to travel the world, help where I am needed, and experience other cultures. International volunteer work is my passion. I graduated from nursing school last May. I have been working on a pediatric floor at a hospital in Georgia since then. I went to Ghana, West Africa from September - November this past fall with Cross Cultural Solutions. There, I volunteered in a children’s ward and ran free blood pressure clinics in twelve villages.

My experience there was very fulfilling because I was able to focus on my favorite aspect of medicine, public health. I believe everyone is capable of improving his or her own health when empowered through health education. For instance, most people I met in Ghana with extreme hypertension had no idea that diet and lifestyle play a major role in determining blood pressure. After learning to decrease their salt and palm oil intake, we saw improvements in there blood pressure, which really validated our clinics.

In the U.S., we often take for granted internet access, books, and our many sources of education. We are lucky that we live in a country where this information is so readily available. Also, I believe that healthcare is a basic human right; sadly, I have seen how few people in developing countries actually have access to health care. In countries where there is insufficient money to fund basic healthcare, the next best thing is to provide them with education on basic health promotion and disease prevention. My trip to Ghana was life-changing in that it changed my perspective and showed me how loving and generous people can be, even when stripped of their health, security, and worldly possessions.

In one week I will be embarking on a new journey. I will be serving in the Peace Corps in Honduras for 27 months. I am part of the Health Program and have been nominated for HIV/AIDS education and child survival. I am hoping to pursue my passion for public health by educating Hondurans on how to improve their own health when access to healthcare is limited. I will be writing articles for Positive Pelham as often as I am able to get on the internet. I look forward to sharing about my life in Honduras, and I hope you enjoy experiencing Honduran culture along with me!

In Peace,



12 Responses to "Lauren's Travels Begin"
  1. Jeanna Richelson said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    Lauren, everyone has a purpose and you have found yours. Good luck to you. Be safe and healthy!
    We love you!
    Jeanna & Robert & Missy

  2. Lauren said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    Thank you Jeanna!...I will be thinking about you guys!

  3. Anonymous said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    Lauren, We will be praying that your experience in Honduras is safe and motivational. You truly are an inspiration to all of us.
    Love and God Bless,
    Melanie, Michael, and Logan Parrott

  4. Marion & Dad said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    Dear Lauren:

    Marion and I wish you a safe journey and we are both very, very proud of you. We know that this is part of the path in life you wish to follow but nevertheless, we still worry about you. This is a parents right and duty!

    The people of Honduras are very lucky indeed, to have such a dedicated and extremely well qualified nurse, to take care of them.

    God Bless and please be careful.

    Love Marion and Papa Doodle

  5. Anonymous said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear more about your journey as it progresses. We look forward to your updates. Be safe and know that we are all behind you!

    Frances and Jason Pelham

  6. Marion and Dad said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    Lauren, Marion and I are so very, very proud of you. We wish you a safe journey and we will miss you very much. The people of Honduras are extremely lucky and fortunate to have such a devoted, dedicated and highly qualified nurse as you are, taking care of them.
    We sometimes do not openly show our support for your choices in life but down deep we do. We just want you to be safe and happy for this is part of being a parent.

    Love Marion and Papa Doodle

  7. Pooh Jo said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    Lauren, the time has arrived for your Peace Corps Service. I know you have waited patiently for the time to pass and now it is here. I guess I can say that I was wishing for time to go slower.
    It is here tho and Za and I want to wish only the best for you in this new experience. Just have fun and be careful so you can come back to us safe and sound. We will be waiting daily to hear about your new adventures. Take all our love with you. Jo and Za


  8. Steve & Sandra said...
    Wednesday, 07 February, 2007

    Hi Sweetheart! We are all so proud of you Lauren. You are a true inspiration to others and an angel sent from GOD. Please keep writing and stay safe.

    We love you!!
    Sandra & Steve

  9. Esther P. & Grandpa said...
    Thursday, 08 February, 2007


    Esther and I (Grandpa) want to wish you a safe and pleasant trip. We will both miss you dearly, but will be looking forward to reading about your many adventures and accomplishments over the next 27 months. Stay alert and always keep your guard up and remember we love you and will be looking forward to your safe return to us all.

    Esther P. and Grandpa Greenwald

  10. Barbara, David, Rebecca, and Philip said...
    Thursday, 08 February, 2007


    We have known for years that you have a special talent for making children comfortable and happy. What a great babysitter you were! We wish you love, success, happiness, health, and wonderful adventures! May your little light always shine brightly!
    We love you and will be following your web page every step of the way!

  11. Lauren said...
    Thursday, 08 February, 2007

    Thanks everyone for the love and means a lot to me!

  12. Anonymous said...
    Sunday, 11 February, 2007

    Hi, Lauren, it's Pennie in Tampa. I love you very much and am so proud of you. You've always walked in the sunlight and I know you take it with you wherever you go. I wish you safety, health, happiness, and fulfillment. Be well, savor your experiences, and come back to us as full of goodness as when you left.
    With pride and love...

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