Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Positive News Briefs - Monday, November 26, 2007 - Cyber Monday: Myth and Reality - Article Excerpt - Forget all those big store lines seen the other day for Black Friday. Many Americans will start their holiday shopping today when they sit down in front of their office computers. Welcome to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday? - Blind Husky Leads Dogsled - Article Excerpt - Dog sledding is no sport for the weak, as far as canines are concerned. To make it as a good sled dog, you've got to be alert, athletic, and lightning-fast. Think a blind Husky wouldn't have any place on a dog sledding team? Then allow us to introduce you to an incredible dog in Manitoba, Canada: Isobel. - Random Act of Kindness Repaid by Stranger - Article Excerpt - Sometimes something will happen so unexpected that the event leaves us in such a state of awe that we are incapable of saying anything more than a simple thank you. We never know the depth of impact it will have on another when we practice random acts of kindness. This is what happened to me on a recent visit to the dollar store... - Bush Lends Clout to Mideast Peace Talks - Article Excerpt - President Bush will lend his clout Monday to help broker an elusive agreement between Israel and the Palestinians on the contours of long-stalled peace talks the two sides expect to relaunch this week at a high-stakes international conference.

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