Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Atlanta's Saving Grace During Friday Night's Tornado - The University of Alabama

What do I mean by the title of this post? Unless you've been on another planet, you're probably familiar with the havoc that a tornado caused in downtown Atlanta this past Friday night.

What you may not realize is that one University of Alabama basketball player should be considered a hero. His name is Mykal Riley, and he is the player who made a last second three-point shot to send the Alabama vs. Mississippi State basketball game into overtime during the SEC Basketball Tournament being held at the Georgia Dome. Had Mykal missed the shot, thousands of fans would have been outside on the streets in downtown Atlanta when the tornado hit rather than inside the dome.

One never knows what would have happened if he'd missed the shot, but I'll say this, everyone who was in attendance at that game should probably send Mykal a thank you note, because he just might have saved thousands of lives.

If you missed the footage of the tornado during the game, here's live footage of the game as the tornado roared past the dome.

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