Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Softball Players Help Injured Opponent Score Home Run

It's funny how doing the right thing is sometimes the wrong thing to do. Such is the case in this story from Sara Tucholsky, a player on the Western Oregon University softball team, hit a home run in a game against Central Washington, but as she was headed to first base, her knee buckled and she went down. It's against the rules for your own team to help you around the bases, so since she was unable to run herself, it looked as though the home run wouldn't count.

But, two players from the opposing team actually picked Sara up and carried her around the bases stopping on each base so she could touch the bag with her foot. This selfless act moved Sara's teammates to tears, but it also cost Central Washington the playoffs because they were disqualified.

But, doing the right thing was the only thing to do. Central Washington may have lost out on the playoffs, but their character was stronger than ever. Here's a quick video about the event from The Today Show:

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