Sunday, August 31, 2008

Learn 50 Things About Sarah Palin

I don't mean to monopolize all of my posts about Sarah Palin, but I have spent a lot of time researching her life. Since she might be our next Vice President, I feel it's important that everyone know as much as possible about her.

I started a new blog called 50 Things About... located at The first post is about Palin and lists 50 things about her life. I'd like to invite you to visit on a daily basis as I'll feature 50 things about different people, places and things that are in the news or happen to be in my head at the time.

A few things you'll learn about Palin:
  • She and her husband Todd eloped shortly after she graduated from college.
  • She returned to work in the governor's office just three days after giving birth to her latest child, Trig.
  • In response to high oil and gas prices, Palin proposed to give all Alaskans a $100 a month energy debit card. Later, she dropped this idea in favor of sending them $1,200 directly from the state.
These are just three of the 50 things you'll learn about her. Give it a look.

Until later, make it a great day!

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