Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kenny Perry's Interview After Losing The Masters In A Playoff - A Class Act

The 2009 Masters was one of the best Masters' in recent memory. The final round started out as the Tiger and Phil show, and it ended as the Angel and Kenny show. There were two major things I got out of watching the final round. Perseverance always pays off, and there is no substitute for class.

First, Angel Cabrera played steady all day, and at the end, even when the chips were down, he managed to persevere and made a par on the first playoff hole to extend the playoff. It was a true testament to his fortitude. Many players would have given up when Angel hit a tree on that first playoff hole, but he steadied himself and hit a great third shot and made a great putt for par. It's a good lesson in life. Always keep trying no matter what obstacles you may face because you never know when someone else is going to stumble and allow you to shine.

Class... Kenny Perry showed more class in his post round interviews' after losing the Masters than any other athlete I've ever seen in any sport. He was candid. He was honest. He was grateful, and he was gracious. Angel won the tournament, but I think Kenny won the hearts of most. Well done Angel and Kenny. You are both champions!


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