Friday, December 30, 2005

The Million Dollar Website - What an Idea!

As most of you know, I have been a big fan of the Internet for many years now. I have an internet business in which I market online dating sites such as the ChristianDatingNetwork and The internet has opened up entire new revenue streams for people around the world.

That is why I was blown away when I read this press release this morning. Check this out. Alex Tew, a 21-year old student from London, was trying to figure out a way to make money to pay for college. He came up with an idea for a website called the Million Dollar Homepage. What's the website about? Get this.... It is a simple page with nothing but advertising on it. His idea was to have a webpage with a million little dots (pixels) on it selling for $1 each! A $100 pixel ad is about the size of a letter of type.

After selling some advertising to his friends and family, he wrote a press release, and to his astonishment, the press release was picked up by Reuters, and he has now sold over $900,000 worth of pixel advertising. Great job Alex! I'm very impressed. What's even more impressive is that he has testimonials on his site from advertisers who bought ads on a lark, but are now actually receiving a lot of traffic from the advertising.

For those of you in sales, you've heard the notion that ideas sell. Alex had an idea, acted upon it, and it worked. What's your idea? Is there something you've always thought about doing, but never got around to doing it. Why not give it a try? You never know when you're idea might be the next big thing. As I mentioned in the beginning of this story, I market online dating sites. The business has been very good to me. If you are interested in starting your own business marketing dating sites in categories such as Christian, Jewish, Military, African American and Senior sites, check out my informational page located here for more information. I would be glad to help you get started.

Make it a great day!

J. Anthony.


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