Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He has terminal pancreatic cancer and has been told he only has 3 - 6 months left to live. He gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007. In his moving lecture, he talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

There are two videos here. The first one is about ten minutes long, and gives a great lesson about overcoming obstacles. The second video is his entire lecture, which is over an hour long, and I would recommend taking the time to watch the entire lecture at some point. You'll be moved...

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2 Responses to "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch"
  1. Sara Gold said...
    Monday, 29 October, 2007

    Some lessons from Randy Pausch’s last lecture that especially moved me:

    1. Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things.
    2. Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.
    3. Never lose the child-like wonder.
    4. If we do something which is pioneering, we will get arrows in the back. But at the end of the day, a whole lot of people will have a whole lot of fun.
    5. Be good at something; it makes you valuable.
    6. If you live your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, and the dreams will come to you.

    Check out the tribute quiz on the lecture at www.mystudiyo.com : you can add your own questions at the end of the quiz.

  2. J. Anthony said...
    Monday, 29 October, 2007

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the lessons learned. I especially like #5: Be good at something; it makes you valuable. This is a great life lesson for everyone. Everyone has a purpose and is good at something. Find out what you're good at, and share it with the world.

    Make it a great day!

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