Monday, March 09, 2009

Shocking News - NBC Shocked At Positive Response To Brian Williams' Request For Positive News

Did you watch Brian Williams from NBC's Nightly News last week ask for viewers to send in their positive stories. The response was overwhelming. NBC was shocked at the response. It might have come as a shock to NBC, but not to me or any of you who read this blog. People are tired of negative news.

I've been publishing this blog now for over three years. Over the last couple of months, because the news has been so negative, I found myself falling into the negative abyss. It's so easy during this challenging economy to just go with the flow and say that the world has gone to, excuse my language, hell in a hand basket. But, the truth is, positive things are happening all over the world right now just like they were three years ago, and just like they were every year before that. It's up to you. You can see the negative, or you can see the positive.

So, as a sort of re-dedication to the positive, I have re-designed, and I'm going to work hard to continue bringing you positive stories from around the world. I believe that now, more than ever, we all need some positive news in our lives. What do you think of the re-design? Let me hear from you.

As I've always said, things really aren't all that bad unless you let them be. Make it a great day!

Here's the video of Brian Williams asking for positive stories. Did you send him one?


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